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FAQ within [ FREQROL-A700 ]

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  • Brake resistor

    Use high-duty brake resistor FR-ABR-2.2K. (Shared with the 1.5K inverter.) More Details >>

    • No:21330
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:27
  • Megger test

    When carrying out the megger test of the inverter, shorten all the terminals R, S, T, U, V, and W of the main circuit and use the 500 VDC megger for earth. D... More Details >>

    • No:21327
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:27
  • FR-DU07

    Not possible.Instead of FR-DU07, use FR-PA07 (or FR-PU07) as an operation panel for FR-E700. More Details >>

    • No:21708
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:29
  • Brake resistor

    Use two resistors for the high-duty brake resistor FR-ABR-15K. (Connect two resistors of 18 ? in parallel.) More Details >>

    • No:21329
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:27
  • Connecting ammeter to output side

    Yes. Use a moving-iron type ammeter. However, if the carrier frequency exceeds 5 kHz, do not use that meter since an overcurrent losses produced in the inter... More Details >>

    • No:21681
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:28
  • Frequency meter and calibration resistor

    Frequency meter: YM206NRI 1 mA Calibration resistor: RV24YN 10 k?. More Details >>

    • No:21357
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:27
  • Terminal indicator lamp

    The inverter outputs the peak voltage 300 to 400 VDC of the bus voltage not in a pure sine wave but a in a PWM waveform. Check if the lamp to be connected ca... More Details >>

    • No:21323
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:27
  • PU operation

    Set Pr.79 (Operation mode) to "1" (PU operation mode) and change Pr.161 (Frequency setting/key lock operation selection) to "1" (potentiometer mode).   More Details >>

    • No:21863
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:29
  • Running frequency

    The power supply voltage may have dropped.Read the converter output voltage monitor (Pr.55 = 8) and check if Converter output voltage monitor/√2 is within th... More Details >>

    • No:21820
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:29
  • JOG function

    When Pr.79 is set to "3", the JOG operation is not available by turning ON the terminal JOG.Instead of the JOG function, you can set the low-speed RL of the ... More Details >>

    • No:21760
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:29

51-60 of Total 352