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  • How to set battery-less operation(FX3...

    To perform battery-less operation in the FX3U/FX3UC series, set parameters using GX Works2(or GX Developer). Please refer to the following manual for furt... More Details >>

    • No:22277
    • Release Date:2018/08/30 13:48
    • Update:2019/02/19 08:47
  • How to install a battery to FX3G/FX3G...

    The FX3U-32BL can be installed to the FX3G/FX3GC series. After installation, select [Battery Mode: Use the battery] on the FX parameter window of GX Develop... More Details >>

    • No:22271
    • Release Date:2018/08/30 13:48
  • Latch (backup) areas in the auxiliary...

    M384 to M1535 and D128 to D1099 can be latched. M1536 to M7679, D1100 to D7999, and R0 to R23999 can be used as latch areas by installing an optional batt... More Details >>

    • No:24703
    • Release Date:2019/02/27 08:59
  • Battery models(MELSEC-F)

    [F2-40BL] F1/F1J/F2 series, FX1/FX2/FX2C/FX2N series, and FX-20GM/E-20GM [FX1N-BAT] FX1N series* [FX3U-32BL] FX3G*/FX3GC/FX3U/FX3UC series and FX-30P [FX2N... More Details >>

    • No:22282
    • Release Date:2018/08/30 13:48
  • Number of files that can be created i...

    Up to 63 files can be handled simultaneously. In addition, up to 1000 files can be created by creating FIFO function files. * The total capacity of the files... More Details >>

    • No:24944
    • Release Date:2019/04/18 14:26
  • Battery replacement during power-on

    Replacethe battery when the programmable controller is powered off. For example, forthe FX3U/FX3UC series, data will be held for about 20 seconds after be... More Details >>

    • No:22257
    • Release Date:2018/08/30 13:48
    • Update:2019/02/19 11:54
  • Battery replacement timing

    Periodic replacement is recommended. For example, standard life of FX3U-32BL is 5 years (at ambient temperature of 25). The life of the battery changes wit... More Details >>

    • No:22262
    • Release Date:2018/08/30 13:48
  • Data that can be stored in a memory c...

    The device memory data cannot be stored in a memory cassette. In the FX3U/FX3UC series, a part of device memory data can be latched using a battery. The de... More Details >>

    • No:24789
    • Release Date:2019/02/28 09:07
  • Writing a program to a memory cassette

    A memory cassette has a PROTECT switch to prevent a program from being overwritten in EEPROM and flash ROM. When this switch is on, writing of the program i... More Details >>

    • No:24788
    • Release Date:2019/02/28 09:07
  • Accessories of the FX3UC-16MR/DS-T an...

    The "FX2NC-100MPCB" power supply cable for main unit is provided with the FX3UC-16MR/DS-T. The "FX2NC-100MPCB" and the "FX2NC-100BPCB" power supply cable for... More Details >>

    • No:25005
    • Release Date:2019/04/23 11:11

11-20 of Total 33