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Simple Motion Modules

FAQ within [ Simple Motion Modules ]

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  • Input/output signal

    Check if 24 VDC power is supplied to "1A7" (pin No.) of the external input signal connector. More Details >>

  • Torque limit

    Torque is limited by the lower set value of "[Pr.17] Torque limit setting value" and "[Cd.22] New torque value/forward new torque value".When the current tor... More Details >>

  • Home position address

    Set "[Pr.45] Home position address" of the basic parameters for home position return • Axis 1 to 16: 72+150n, 73+150n • Axis 17 to 32: 1000072+150n, 1000073+... More Details >>

    • No:23600
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:09
    • Category: RD77MS  ,  RD77GF
  • Parameter initialization

    The following shows the initialization procedure. (1) Turn OFF the PLC ready flag. (2) Turn ON "[Cd.2] Parameter initialization request". Set "1" to the buff... More Details >>

  • Warning 093CH

    Warning 093CH (Home position return data incorrect) occurs when the backup data for absolute position restoration is lost.Execute the machine home position r... More Details >>

  • Servo status

    Yes. You can check the servo status through the following monitor data.• "[Md.108] Servo status 1"• "[Md.108] Servo status 2"• "[Md.125] Servo status 3"• "[M... More Details >>

  • Warning 093EH

    Error 093EH (SSCNET communication error) occurs when erroneous data is received from servo amplifier. [When the servo parameter "[PA14] Rotation direction s... More Details >>

  • Speed change during JOG operation

    Yes. The speed can be changed during JOG operation.Set the new speed with "[Cd.14] New speed value", and then set "[Cd.15] Speed change request" to "1". More Details >>

  • Error 2035

    Error 2035 (Command frequency error) occurs when the servo amplifier detects a command frequency error. (1) When the command from the controller is the permi... More Details >>

  • Torque limit

    Set the torque limit value in "[Cd.101] Torque output setting value" before the positioning start.The values of "[Pr.17] Torque limit setting value" and "[Cd... More Details >>

1-10 of Total 31