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  • Release Date : 2018/08/22 16:26
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Input/output voltage

If the imbalance ratio of the input current is 5 %, is the output voltage imbalanced as well?
During commercial power supply operation, the current increases leading overload when the input voltage is imbalanced. Does this happen for the inverter?
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The output voltage will not be imbalanced when the inverter is used.
(Since AC is converted into DC and then into AC, the output voltage is hardly effected from the input side.)
When the input voltage is imbalanced, the bus voltage (voltage between P and N) changes and the current value may change.
Product Name
Inverter, magnet motor drive
Product Category
FR-E700, FR-D700, FR-F700PJ, FR-A700, FR-F700P, FR-F700

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