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Unwinding using vector inverter

I need control to reduce the motor (brake) torque as the unwinding diameter decreases to keep the unwinding torque constant.
(Therefore, the brake torque is always applied to the motor.)
The motor also rotates to an arbitrary direction for a short period of time for positioning.
(Assume that the inverter and motor are chosen to implement 70% to 80% of the rated torque.)

1. Is it OK to control unwinding by specifying "0" for the speed under torque control? (The speed is set to certain rotations per minute when the motor rotates.)
2. How should I choose and configure the power regeneration converter?
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1. Torque control automatically adjust the speed so that the instructed torque value is maintained. This means that the speed is not controlled. (However, you can limit the speed to prevent overspeeding.) It is possible to generate torque at speed 0.
2. In such a case where continuous regenerative driving occurs, you need to choose the regeneration converter according to how well it can continuously return the regenerative power to the power supply. The following lists continued operation permissible power:
- Power regeneration converter
FR-RC FR-RC-15K 11000 W
FR-RC-30K 15000 W
FR-RC-55K 30000 W
FR-RC-H15K 11000 W
FR-RC-H30K 22000 W
FR-RC-H55K 45000 W
- Power regeneration common converter FR-CV
Capable of continuous regenerative driving up to converter capacity
Example: FR-CV-11K 11000 W
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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