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Inverter analog output

I want to input two channels each from the inverters FR-B-37K (with parameter unit), FR-B-5.5K (with parameter unit), and FR-B-1500 (with parameter unit) (all based on the FR-A220E) to the programmable controller as the analog monitor. Which option do I need? Or, can I do this without any option?
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Since the inverter has only one voltage output (10 VDC) from terminal AM as the analog monitor, use the FR-EPA or FR-EPE option if you need two channels.

The FR-EPA and FR-EPE options have the voltage output (5/10 VDC) × 1 and current output (1 mA DC) × 1 that can be used simultaneously.

Use one of the above options, and determine if you use two channels from the option or one channel each from the inverter and option.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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