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When the FR-A200 and V200 are connected to the programmable controller via CC-Link, how should I handle emergency stop?
I do not want to use coasting to stop by opening the contactor on the input side of the inverter, since the stop distance is extended.
In a word, I want to stop the machine within the shortest distance (without using communication) at the emergency stop.
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The inverters FR-A200 and V200 do not support CC-Link.
(The FR-A500 series supports CC-Link.)

Use the open collector output and relay output card when combining it with the programmable controller.
(For the A200, it can be combined with the MELSEC NET MINI.)It is always recommended to use the mechanical brake for emergency stop.

To stop the machine electrically within a short distance, do not open the input side contactor because doing so makes the motor start coasting. Use the inverter deceleration function to decelerate the motor instead.
Do not use the regular deceleration time because it takes longer time. Instead, set the second acceleration/deceleration time to shorter time and use this time.

Short-circuit the terminals RT and SD to use the second acceleration/deceleration time.
Product Name
Inverter, magnet motor drive
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FR-A200, FR-V200

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