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E.OV2 error

The E.OV2 error is described as "regenerative overvoltage trip during constant speed" in the manual. When does it occur? What are the cause and countermeasure?
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The regenerative overvoltage shutoff protective function is provided since the terminal voltage of the internal capacitor of the inverter can rise abnormally high due to the regenerative power generated during the motor braking process.
The causes for overvoltage shutoff during constant speed operation include a negative load (downward operation in lift operation).
In addition, when a cart or crane is running on a rail and pass over a large joint, the regenerative state may occur momentarily.

To suppress increase of the terminal voltage due to the regenerative power, install the optional power regeneration converter or use a brake resistor with sufficiently large thermal capacity and a corresponding inverter.
For a running cart or crane:
- Improve mechanical factors such as joint
- Increase the capacity of the brake unit.
 (Reduce the resistance value to increase the momentary braking torque.)

The protection circuit may also be activated by a surge voltage produced in the power supply system. In this case, install a reactor on the input side.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive

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