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  • Release Date : 2018/08/22 16:28
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Noise filter

When using the FR-U100 series, I have been using the line noise filter (FR-BSF01) on the input (power supply) side of the inverter against noise.
As the FR-E500 series allows for connecting harmonics suppression DCL, is DCL more effective against noise than the line noise filter?
If I add the DCL, what will the role of the line noise filter be?
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Noise filtering and harmonics suppression are different matters and you need to install the line noise filter (FR-BSF01) against noise and DCL (FR-BEL) against harmonics. (You can use both together.)
The following explains the difference between noise and harmonics.

Harmonics are defined to have integer multiples of the fundamental frequency and are distinguished from high frequency.
Synthesized wave of a single fundamental frequency and multiple harmonics is a distortion wave.
A distortion wave generally contains harmonics in the high-frequency range (kHz to MHz order). However, harmonics concerned in the power distribution system are usually 40th to 50th (to several kHz) and those at higher frequencies generally have irregular phases and need to be treated as noise.

Item : Noise : Harmonics
Frequency range: High frequency (several 10 kHz to MHz order) : Normally 40th to 50th (to several kHz)
Source : Inverter : Converter
Cause : Transistor switching : Commutation of rectifier
Quantity : Determined by voltage change rate, switching, and frequency : Determined by current capacity

Propagation path: Wire, air, induction
Major countermeasures: Changing the wiring route, installing a noise filter or reactor
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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Noise filter
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