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  • No : 21691
  • Release Date : 2018/08/22 16:28
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Stop-on-contact control

I want to use stop-on-contact control.
I am using the inverter input terminals RH, RM, RL, MRS, STF, and STR.
What value should I set to the unused terminal RES?
When the terminal RT is not turned ON, does the terminal RL operate as the regular multi-speed function?
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Set Pr.270 (Stop-on-contact control) to "1".
Set Pr.184 (RES terminal function selection) to "3" to choose the RT signal function.
When the terminals RL and RT are turned ON simultaneously, stop-on-contact control is enabled.
Therefore, when the terminal RT is not turned ON, the terminal RL operates as the regular multi-speed function.
Product Name
Inverter, magnet motor drive
Product Category
FR-E700, FR-A700
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