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  • No : 21751
  • Release Date : 2018/08/22 16:29
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Auto tuning

I cannot perform auto tuning.
I set Pr.96 (Auto tuning setting/status) to "1", but "1" is not shown on the frequency monitor.
I set Pr.80 (Motor capacity) to "0.2", Pr.71 (Applied motor) to "3", Pr.83 (Motor rated voltage) to "200", and Pr.84 (Rated motor frequency) to "50".  
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If "1" is not shown on the frequency monitor, some of the parameters necessary for auto tuning may not be set correctly.
Set rated motor current of Pr.81 (Number of motor poles) and Pr.9 (Electronic thermal O/L relay) correctly.
Product Name
Inverter, magnet motor drive
Product Category
FR-E700, FR-A700
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