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Calculation of acceleration/deceleration time

How can I calculate the shortest acceleration/deceleration time?
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As the inverter, you can basically use the equation below to calculate the acceleration/deceleration time.
Note that you should consider a factor of 120% for the maximum short-time torque over 0 to 720 r/min for the high-speed series (150% over other rotations per minute).

Acceleration time dt = J dw/(TM α-TL) -> t = J×N/9.55 × (TM α-TLmax)
Deceleration time dt = J dw/(TM β + TL) -> t = J×N/9.55 × (TM β + TLmin)

t: Acceleration/deceleration time [S]
J: Load moment of inertia (total GD2) [N/m2]
N: Rotations per minute [r/min]
TM: Motor rated torque [N?m]
α: Acceleration torque coefficient
β: Braking torque coefficient (regenerative braking torque)
TLmax: Maximum load torque [N?m]
TLmin: Minimum load torque [N?m]
Product Name
Inverter, magnet motor drive
Product Category
Drive unit
Magnetic motor drive

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