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  • Release Date : 2018/08/22 16:30
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Current input switching operation

I start and stop the FR-S520-3.7K using the external contact and operate it constantly at 60 Hz. When a certain event occurs, I want to switch it to current input operation (4 to 20 mA).

Pr.1 = 60 Hz (Maximum frequency)
Pr.2 = 0 Hz (Minimum frequency)
Pr.4 = 60 Hz (High speed)
Pr.30 = 1 (Extended function display)
Pr.79 = 3 (Operation mode)
Pr.60 = 7 (Terminal RL function -> OH function)
Pr.61 = 4 (Terminal RM function -> AU function)
Pr.62 = 2 (Terminal RH function -> RH function)

With the above parameter setting, does the inverter operate at 60 Hz when STR-SD and RH-SD are short-circuited and RL-SD and RM-SD are open, and at the frequency set by current input when STR-SD and RM-SD are short-circuited and RL-SD and RH-SD are open?
If I also need to set other parameters, let me know.
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With your setting, since Pr.60 assigns the OH function to the terminal PL, and terminals RL and SD are open, an external protection error occurs. (It does not occur when these terminals are short-circuited.)
In addition, to start and stop using the terminals STR and SD, set Pr.79 to "2" (external operation mode).
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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