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  • Release Date : 2018/08/22 16:30
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Power supply phase loss

When a power supply phase loss occurs, the power supply behaves as a single-phase power supply. If the power supply phase loss occurs while the inverter is operating under the motor rated load, how does the inverter behave?
- Is the inverter stopped by any function?
- Is it stopped by the "heatsink overheat" protective function due to abnormally high temperature of the converter or capacitor?
- Does it go faulty without stopping?
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The following is the case for the FREQROL-A500 series:
1. When the R phase or S phase is lost, the inverter stops since it loses the control power supply.

2. When the T phase is lost, the inverter continues operation with the single-phase power supply.
Since the inverter's input section does not have a phase loss detection function, the inverter continues operation with the single-phase power supply.
In this case, since the rectifier diode and main circuit capacitor may get damaged, design the circuit to detect the current phase loss on the input side and shut off the power supply. (A heatsink overheat error may occur, but it is not guaranteed that this error can completely protect the inverter. Therefore, take the countermeasure mentioned above.)
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