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Installation method of AM-5 terminal ammeter

I want to install an analog ammeter between the terminals AM and 5 of the FR-F520-11K inverter to measure the load current, but I do not know which ammeter I should use.
Let me know how to set parameters as well as a recommended ammeter.
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The AM-5 output is 0 to 10 VDC voltage output.
Therefore, you need to install a voltmeter.
Also, since the inverter output current is displayed, the scale of the display indicates amperes.
This type of instrument is called an analog frequency meter.

There is no particular recommended analog frequency meter.
Use a moving-coil type voltmeter (with internal resistance 50 kΩ or higher) for the instrumental part of the analog frequency meter. Determine the full-scale value within the current range used.
(Reference: Mitsubishi Electric analog frequency meter YM-10NRI)

Parameter setting example for monitoring the current
- To monitor output current, set Pr.158 = 2.
- Current at terminal AM output 10 V, set Pr.60 = 80 A
With this setting, AM output is generated within the range of 0 to 10 V when the inverter output current is 0 to 80 A.
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