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Frequency does not rise with blower

When the blower starts, it does not rise to the frequency set with the external potentiometer.
The inverter trips due to overcurrent within the frequency range of 0 to 20 Hz. Which parameter should I set to avoid this?
The inverter is the F500 and is used with the initial settings. The motor is Mitsubishi SF-JRCA 5.5 kW.
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Our suggestion is to adjust the following parameters:
1. Set Pr.14 = 0. If the V/F pattern for variable-torque load (Pr.14 = 1) is used, the current may increase when the load torque exceeds the square-torque load pattern.
2. Set Pr.7 (Acceleration time) to a larger value. The overcurrent error is likely to occur when the acceleration time is too short.
3. Set Pr.71 to "1". This sets the electronic thermal O/L relay characteristics and Pr.0 (Torque boost) for the constant-torque motor. When Pr.0 (Torque boost) is set too high, overcurrent due to overexcitation may occur. (Use Pr.0 for fine adjustment.)

4. Set Pr.60 to "9" and try Optimum excitation control.
Since output is adjusted according to the load, overvoltage due to overexcitation can be prevented.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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