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Stall prevention

I use a motor for 0.4 kW (440 V) inverter.
As the rotary feeder got caught, the motor was stopped by the shock relay.
I reversed the motor rotation and then restarted the motor, but it stopped in 5 or 6 seconds.
The current value (of the inverter) just before the motor stopped was around 3.8 A to 4 A.
After the rotation stopped:
Current value (the inverter): 1.37 A
Frequency: 6.3 Hz
Voltage: 54.2 V
No OL display at this time.

1. It seemed that stall prevention did not work. Why is this?
Why did not the inverter trip with OLT?

2. As the motor stops rotation (for example, when getting caught) the current value should rise. Why was the above value displayed?
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1. Stall prevention operation works when the inverter's output current exceeds the value set with Pr.22.
In this case, it is considered that the current did not exceed this value and stall prevention did not work.

2. Usually, when the motor stops, the current value of the inverter rises.
It is recommended to have the converter inspected for failure.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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