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Digital input and maximum frequency

Using a combination of the FR-A520-3.7K and FR-A5AX, I specify the frequency from the programmable controller.
The input is binary and I want to use the command value as the inverter output.
Parameters are set as follows:
P1 and P18 as initial settings (120 Hz)
P79 to "2" (only external operation is allowed)
P303 to "9999" (digital input value is output frequency)
P304 to "2" (BCD code analog compensation available)
P305 to "0" (digital data is always input)
1. It is possible to output frequency of 120 Hz or more with above settings?
2. Is it OK to set P304 to "2" (BCD code analog compensation available)?
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1. Pr.1 and 18 limit the output to 120 Hz.
Use Pr.18 to change the maximum frequency.

2. If you want to output the binary input as is, setting Pr.304 = 1 (Binary input, analog compensation) is recommended.
Note that Pr.304 is initially set to "9999".
If you change the setting, confirm the reason why it should be change to "2" before actually changing it.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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Plug-in option

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