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  • Release Date : 2019/02/27 15:24
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Communication setting methods when the FX3U-232-BD is used

I would like to know the communication setting methods when non-protocol communication is performed using the FX3U-232-BD (for communications with RS-232C).
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The non-protocol communication can be set by the following two methods: (1) setting parameters using a programming tool, such as GX Works2, or (2) writing data to the special data register using a sequence program. (The program created is transferred to a programmable controller.)
A programmable controller operates in the same way regardless of a selected method. If both the methods are executed, the parameter settings are prioritized.
For details, refer to the following.

Section 5 of F. Non-Protocol Communication (RS/RS2 Instruction) in the FX Series Programmable Controllers User's Manual [Data Communication Edition] (Manual number: JY997D16901)
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Network/Communication, Engineering Software, GX Works2, GX Developer
MELSEC-F series

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