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Target address change during the positioning operation in the FX3U-1PG

Is it possible to change the target address during the positioning operation of FX3U-1PG?
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Yes, it is possible. Set a new value for the target address to the target address change value (BFM#54, #53) during the positioning operation.   
* The target address change function is available for the following positioning operations: 1-speed positioning operation, interrupt 1-speed positioning operation, 2-speed positioning operation, interrupt stop operation, and interrupt 2-speed positioning operation.
* After the target address change value is updated, the time required until the target address is changed is as follows.
・ During operation at 1KHz or higher: Within 3 ms
・ During operation at less than 1KHz: Within 3 pulse output time
* To set the value properly to BFM#54, #53 (target address change value), use the 32-bit instruction (DTO/DMOV). Refer to the "Target Address Change Function" section in the FX3U-1PG User's Manual.
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