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  • Release Date : 2019/04/23 11:13
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Turning on/off a specified bit of a word device (D) using a simple program

In the FX programmable controllers, is it possible to turn on/off a specified bit of a word device (D only) using a simple program?
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In the FX programmable controllers (FX3U/FX3UC series), a bit in a word device can be specified in a program. It can be specified as "word device (D only) + decimal point + bit position (0 to F)".
An index modifier (Z and V) cannot be used for device numbers (example: D10Z0.5) and bit position numbers (example: D10.5Z0).
Example of instruction input
A program that turns on/off b5 (6th bit) of D10
Condition of turning on/off the device

|---| |--------------------(D10.5)
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Product Category
Main Unit, Engineering Software, GX Works2, GX Developer

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