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Deceleration overvoltage (E.OV3)

I replaced the FR-Z220-2.2K inverter connected to a machine with the FR-E520-2.2K. The E.OV3 error occurred when the machine stops. I adjusted the deceleration time and other settings, but the error persisted. When I replaced the inverter with the original FR-Z220-2.2K, the error disappeared.
(The error did not occur at low speed (around 20 Hz), but occurred during automatic operation at 60 Hz.) What is the difference between the FR-E520 and Z/A series?
Do I have to change the inverter to the FR-A520 in such cases?
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While the FREQROL-Z200 series and A500 series have a brake resistor built in the capacity up to 7.5K, the FREQROL-E500 series does not have a built-in brake resistor.
Therefore, with FR-E520-2.2K, regenerative power cannot be handled at rapid deceleration and the E.OV3 error may occur.
To counteract such a case, you can attach an external brake resistor (not available for 0.2K or less). Attach the FR-ABR-2.2K.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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