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FAQ within [ FREQROL-F500 ]

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  • Inverter drive of 400 V class motor

    When the wiring between the inverter and motor is long, surge voltage occurs at the terminal of the motor.This surge voltage deteriorates insulation of the m... More Details >>

    • No:21926
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:30
  • Concurrent monitoring of running freq...

    Add an analog output by the FR-A5AY.Monitor the three output; output AM (0 to 5 (10) V) and optional 4 to 20 mA, and 0 to 5 (10) V. More Details >>

    • No:21959
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:30
  • Surge voltage of 400 V inverter

    No. Although the carrier frequency increases or decreases the switching count, the switching speed is the OFF-to-ON speed of the IGBT element of the inverter... More Details >>

    • No:21401
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:27
  • Terminal AM calibration

    1. By setting Pr.158 (Terminal AM function selection) to "21" (Reference voltage output), 10 V is output from the terminal AM.2. Read Pr.901 in the PU operat... More Details >>

    • No:21936
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:30
  • Use of the DC reactor

    It can be used in terms of the specifications. However, it is recommended to update the reactor and inverter at the same time because the DC reactor was manu... More Details >>

    • No:21017
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:25
  • Frequency does not rise with blower

    Our suggestion is to adjust the following parameters:1. Set Pr.14 = 0. If the V/F pattern for variable-torque load (Pr.14 = 1) is used, the current may incre... More Details >>

    • No:22060
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:30
  • Power factor improving effect by option

    Installing the high power factor converter brings the power factor improving effect of 99% or higher.Therefore, when the high power factor converter is used,... More Details >>

    • No:22020
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:30
  • Installation method of AM-5 terminal ...

    The AM-5 output is 0 to 10 VDC voltage output.Therefore, you need to install a voltmeter.Also, since the inverter output current is displayed, the scale of t... More Details >>

    • No:22016
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:30
  • Speed control failure due to 20 mA fr...

    It seems that there is a read error for 20 mA DC inside the inverter.Setting Pr.905 to 50 Hz while 20 mA DC is actually flowing between the terminals 4 and 5... More Details >>

    • No:21998
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:30
  • Changing parameters

    Before you change Pr.7 and Pr.8, you must switch to the PU operation mode. Switch to the PU operation mode and change them. More Details >>

    • No:21984
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:30

1-10 of Total 15