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  • Release Date : 2018/08/22 16:28
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Countermeasure against inverter noise

The flow meter indication fluctuates when the inverter (exhaust fan) starts operating.
I changed the wire routing on the inverter output side, but it did not work. Other possible causes include noise from the power supply, and I am considering to insert filters to both the inverter input side and flow meter input side.

Which filter should I use to the inverter input side?
1. Electromagnetic noise filter
2. Line noise filter
3. Radio noise filterIf the problem still persists, what else should I check for?

FR-A220-7.5KP (1), FR-A220-1.5KP (1)
Flow meter
ST-581 (2)
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You can attach the following filters to the inverter input side:
- Line noise filter (FR-BLF, FR-BSF01)
- Radio noise filter (FR-BIF)  

While it is a good idea to insert a filter on the input side since changing the wire route on the inverter output side has no effect. I also recommend you the following countermeasures:
- Earth (ground)Use a dedicated earth (ground) for the inverter as far as possible.  

 Use the thickest and shortest possible earthing (grounding) cable.  

- Use a metal conduit or shielded cable for the power supply cable.  

- Use twisted pair cables for sensor signal cables.The technical note No.21 (noise and leakage current) provides the summary of relationship between noise and other factors.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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