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  • FR-A800-R2R

    The tension controller is suitable for the equipment with low speed and small capacity. The tension controller is suitable for the equipment with low speed a... More Details >>

  • FR-A800-R2R

    Yes, it is. However, it is not suitable for the low speed regenerative side. It is also recommended to use a dedicated control for winding/unwinding applicat... More Details >>

  • FR-A800-R2R

    It depends on machine specifications. It depends on the accuracy of the line speed input and parameter setting of material thickness. More Details >>

  • FR-A800-R2R

    The gain of the tension PI gain automatic tuning is the one of the dancer feedback speed control. The gain adjusted by speed control P gain compensation is t... More Details >>

  • FR-A8NC

    The torque limit setting is defined as an absolute value. Thus, when -100% is written to the torque limit, the torque is limited at 100%. More Details >>

  • FR Configurator2

    Yes, the changed parameters can be displayed with the verification function. Select Parameter list → Verification → Initial value. More Details >>

  • Terminal 2 input selector switch when...

    When the DIP switch is changed to I, it does not operate normally because the internal resistance changes. More Details >>

  • FR-A800-R2R

    Winding diameter calculation is available for all controls (dancer feedback speed control, tension sensor feedback speed control, tension sensorless torque c... More Details >>

  • FR Configurator SW3

    FR Configurator SW3 is not included in IQWorks. Therefore, FR Configurator SW3 cannot be installed with the product ID of IQWorks. However, SW1DND-FRC2 (FR C... More Details >>

  • FR-A800-CRN

    It is the length from the support of the rope to the center of gravity of the swinging. More Details >>

1351-1360 of Total 1368